Every Click to Buy Experience Starts with a

Custom Setup

Assigning Roles & Permissions

Need James to manage your downtown location? No problem. Need Sarah’s team to manage all online purchases? Click to Buy has you covered and can give the right access to the right team members at the right time no matter how big or small your organization grows.

Empowering You to Manage

Once Click to Buy is set up and launched, your team can easily manage ongoing updates to all of your cities, services, pricing, coupons, and more! We’ll provide quick online training resources to ensure you can adjust when needed. If you need our help, ongoing paid Support programs are available as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in easy-to-understand, transparent pricing, which consists of two main variables:

1. One-time, custom setup cost – Every lead matters, and there is no room for mistakes. As such, your Click to Buy journey begins with a small one-time investment to ensure your e-commerce setup is 100% perfect. In some cases, this setup cost can be waived with an annual contract agreement.

Setup satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

2. Ongoing subscription cost – A monthly licensing fee covers the hosting, security, and use of the Click to Buy software. This fee also helps support the ongoing rollout of new features and functionality.

Additional details can be found on our Pricing page.

In short – the faster you move, the faster we move.
Once your company has completed its onboarding packet and provided our team with service pricing details, it normally takes <2 weeks (on average) to have your experience ready to review & test. Timing will vary based on the number of services, service lines/groups, and locations that need to be setup.

Yes, it can – if your business provides both residential & commercial services, Click to Buy’s address validation technology can expand to identify when an address is a commercial address and send the customer to the Smart Estimate form to complete a commercial service estimate request.

Estimating and purchasing are limited to residential customers/addresses, however.

If you have a dedicated IT team or web manager, our team will not need any access to your website.

Should you not have an IT team or dedicated web manager, there are only two times we might need access:

  1. To set up your subdomain – here someone will need to make an update to your DNS (domain name servers) to point clicktobuy.yourdomain.com to your Click to Buy shopping cart.
  2. To connect Click to Buy to your website – in the off chance that you need help linking up buttons and navigation to point users to your new Click to Buy experience, our team will need access to your website to make edits to its content and pages.

Pricing may vary by the amount of coding and version of CMS that your site uses.

Click to Buy Services is designed to work with any website, regardless of the CMS (content management system), coding language, and/or platform.

Once ready, your Click to Buy setup is completed you will be able to access your experience at https://yourname.clicktobuyservices.com. If desired you can add a CNAME to your DNS to access your shopping cart at “https://anyname.yourwebsite.com.

To Connect Your Click to Buy Services Experience

Connecting Click to Buy Services to your website is incredibly simple. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Relink any/all links & buttons that point to your current Request an Estimate form to your Click to Buy URL.
  2. Redirect your Request an Estimate form URL to your Click to Buy URL.
  3. Sit back and relax. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

Since it is this easy, we normally let business owners (or their web manager) make these changes or can assist for an additional cost.

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