Click to Buy Was Built to

Improve Customer Experience

Elegant Data Integration

Click to Buy integrates with some of the leading data providers in the world to provide a rich and intuitive experience throughout the checkout process.

Address Autocomplete & Map Confirmation

Click to Buy uses accurate address validation to autofill address fields as a customer checks out. This ensures that addresses are correct and speeds up the checkout process. Additionally, Click to Buy provides to option to pinpoint the customer’s location through Google Maps to further validate they entered in the correct address.

Residential vs Commercial Checkpoints

Click to Buy is deeply integrated with 3rd party data sources to validate if addresses are residential or commercial spaces to ensure each audience receives the right experience and is directed down the right path. Click to Buy allows you to accept residential and/or commercial addresses to grow your business and provide many flexible ways to streamline leads from each audience.

Accurate Tax Collection

Click to Buy is connected with a leading tax real-time tax lookup service to guarantee you charge the right amount of tax and everyone is compliant. Taxable service rates are provided with rooftop accuracy to cover all of your offices and services.

laptop with services shopping cart calendar with the words Provide the Times that Work for You

Advanced Scheduling Features

Smart Calendar & Time Slots

Click to Buy provides the option to show a calendar and timeslots on services. This allows homeowners to easily select days and time windows that will work for them.

Schedule Buffering

Guarantee you have enough time to schedule technicians for requested days & times by setting a scheduling buffer for each service. Running short-staffed, set your scheduling buffer to 7 days out. Running short on work, set your scheduling buffer to 1 day.

Block Out Dates

If you know there are certain dates that your business is closed or you’ll be short-staffed, you can easily set block out dates on the calendar to ensure no one accidentally requests lawn service on July 4th.

Flexible Service Customizations

Custom Service-By-Service Layouts

Click to Buy allows you to modify all of the details for each service and provides granular combinations of google maps, calculated yard sqft, calculated house sqft, pricing options, service details, and fine print.

Confirmation Checkboxes

Need an extra confirmation during the checkout to ensure your customers have ready some important fine print? Use a required confirmation checkbox to guarantee you’re covered.

ipad showing a shopping cart checkout screen with the words Incentivize Your Sales

Incentivizing Tools Customers Know

Include Promo Codes & Bundles

Customers love to save money. Click to Buy’s promo codes, coupons, and service bundles let them apply coupons & discounts to one or many services manually or automatically.

Calculate Rewards Points

Are you running a rewards program? If so, Click to Buy allows you to set the reward points per dollar and show your customers/prospects how many points they’ll earn for their purchase. Point calculations are purely ornamental and used to help incentivize sales. They do not integrate into any 3rd party systems you might be using.

Clear Next Steps & Communication

Purchase Confirmation & Instructions

Communication is the backbone of good customer service. Click to Buy provides a clear validation that the estimate or purchase was received and gives your business the opportunity to set expectations and provide clear next steps.

Branded Email Receipts

In addition, to a clear online validation, every lead will send a branded email to your office and your customer’s inbox to communicate what was ordered, how much was charged, and unique reference numbers if there are any questions.

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