Click to Buy is Packed with Features to Help You

Increase Revenue

Robust & Flexible Checkout System

Accept Credit Card Payments

Reduce A/R and sales commissions by getting paid upfront (24/7/365) before a technician even leaves the parking lot. Accepting credit card payments for service upfront removes the waiting game and lays the foundation to build recurring monthly revenue programs.

Accept One-Time & Recurring Payments

Click to Buy enables you to creatively sell your services the way homeowners what to buy. With Click to Buy’s flexible payment options, homeowners can now buy one-off services and enroll in monthly, quarterly, and annual service programs.

Accurately Charge Sales Tax

Click to Buy automatically charges the correct sales tax with rooftop accuracy on a service-by-service basis to help keep each location stay compliant with the taxman.

Integrated Smart Estimate Requests

Beyond the standard “request an estimate” form, Click to Buy auto-populates addresses and allows you to gather more information about your prospects through qualifying & disqualifying questions. Additionally, Click to Buy closes the loop by sending branded email receipts to your staff and your customers, and stores all of the information in the Click to Buy backend to keep track of your customer list, service fulfillment, and generate email lists.

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Jam Packed with Sales Tools

Unlimited Purchase Options

Everyone likes options. With Click to Buy you can finally package your services in any number of ways to find a perfect fit for your business and your customers. Presenting more than one option also allows opportunities to upsell your clients to larger service tiers and packages.

Cross-Selling, Upselling, & Add-On Services

Easily connect services together during checkout to raise awareness, promote new/seasonal services, increase the average cost of sales, and keep your techs booked.

Discounts, Coupons & Service Bundles

Bring standard shopping cart motivation to your customers by incentivizing them to buy more, buy faster, and test out new services. With coupons and service bundles your conversions will soar.

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