Boost E-Commerce Sales: Answer These Five Questions Online to Increase Conversions

A couple in their kitchen researching home services on a laptop and about to make a call

Homeowners have several critical questions in mind when searching for home services providers. Data from industry research shows that five key questions typically need to be answered before they’ll move forward. If your company can address these five questions transparently, turning prospects into loyal customers becomes much easier.

Spoiler Alert: It’s all about building trust. When you answer these questions freely and openly, it underscores that you understand customer needs, care about their time, and want to facilitate an informed decision-making process.

These five questions are…

Can you help solve my problem?

Homeowners don’t just want someone to show up; they want to know that your company has provided your service(s) for other homes and that work has resulted in a successful, positive outcome. There are many ways to start the trust-building process.

Ways to answer this question:

70% of consumers say a company’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty. [1]

Can I trust you?

Upfront information and a strong reputation build trust, and homeowners want to see evidence of your expertise and feel confident in your ability to handle their needs.

Ways to answer this question:

84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. [2]

How much does the service cost?

Price is a major concern for most purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, most home service companies fear showing their prices publicly and rely on the traditional (and antiquated) “request a quote” form. Read this article to understand why you should start showing your prices today if you’re not already. Don’t leave homeowners guessing with vague quotes/estimates or waiting and wondering if you’ll get back to them promptly.

Ways to answer this question:

72% of homeowners consider upfront pricing to be a very important factor when choosing a home service company. [3]

When can you provide the service?

No one likes to wait and wonder when they can get help—especially when it’s an emergency. Homeowners facing a plumbing leak or electrical issue often require prompt attention to minimize damage and disruption. Fast and efficient service is key. When a service can’t be delivered quickly or isn’t an emergency, clearly articulating how long the wait for service might be is also helpful.

Ways to answer this question:

60% of American consumers, prefer online scheduling to book their appointments. [4]

What happens next?

A clear roadmap reduces stress for homeowners and positions you as a reliable professional. Knowing what to expect after a homeowner contacts you eases anxiety and builds trust.

Ways to answer this question:

60% of customers say a lack of transparency about the service process hurts their trust in a business. [5]

In Conclusion

By proactively addressing the five key questions that homeowners seek answers to – can you solve my problem, can I trust you, how much will it cost, when can you provide the service, and what happens next – your company demonstrates a customer-centric approach that instills confidence and builds trust.

Ultimately, trust is what separates exceptional home service providers from the rest. When homeowners feel assured that you have their best interests in mind, the path to loyal, long-term customers is paved. Don’t let questions go unanswered – leverage the strategies outlined to build meaningful connections from the very first interaction.

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