Click to Buy at PestWorld 2022

In October, we attended PestWorld in Boston to spread the word about Click to Buy. We gave demos, made some great connections, and gave four lucky companies a free year of our services.

Click to Buy at Pestworld 2022

The pest control industry is constantly evolving. Whether your business is new or has been established for decades, there are always new products, strategies, and regulations to keep up with. Additionally, there is the added pressure of keeping up with pest control and consumer trends. For example, the trend to purchase services online. We, at Click to Buy Services, have seen an increase in the number of online engagements, with many businesses now offering live chat services or request a quote forms on their websites. However, before Click to Buy, customers limited ways to confidently purchase pest control services online.

With Click to Buy, purchasing pest control services is a breeze. We’ve created a way for your customers to sign up for service any time, day or night. And, you can bring in new business without having to lift a finger. You also save time and money by eliminating the need to run out to a residence and get an estimate. Instead, your customers can purchase your services at any hour they please, and quotes are produced on the fly. On top of that, your customers are happier knowing they can get started with a pest control program almost immediately. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell pest control services online, look no further.

Hello, PestWorld 2022!

The NPMA PestWorld conference, held in Boston this year, gave us the opportunity to speak with a multitude of pest control operators (PCOs), learn more about their unique challenges, and better understand how we could be part of the solution. It was exciting to provide live demos, see the excitement on everyone’s faces, and see how many PCO’s had been searching for a solution to accurately estimate and sell their services online. PestWorld also allowed us to see how Click to Buy can add functionality to meet the needs of our clients as well.

Click to Buy “Free For a Year” Winners!

Each day at PestWorld, one lucky company received a free one-time setup and annual Click to Buy subscription. The four lucky companies included:

Did You Miss Us @ PestWorld?

If you missed your opportunity for a Click to Buy demo at PestWorld, you’re not too late! Contact us today to get your free demo of our product and learn more about how Click to Buy can transform your business.