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Owning and operating a pest control business can mean lots of work. Learn how Zapier can help you streamline your business!

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As a pest control business owner, you likely wear many hats. Some days you’re creating social media ads and marketing your company, other days, you’re acting as a bookkeeper or pest technician.

Software can make it easier to manage these differing roles. For example, Zapier is an automation tool that business owners, marketers, and IT professionals use to make their software talk to each other. It connects programs you use daily, like Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, and Facebook.

With over 5,000 different integrated apps, learn how to use software like Zapier to make running a pest control company easier.

How Does Zapier Work?

Getting started with Zapier is simple. You can easily automate tasks across your favorite apps—zero coding or development is required.

Zapier works through a system of trigger and action sequences called “zaps.” Users create these sequences with Zapier’s visual builder, then choose the trigger’s name and the corresponding action they want Zapier to perform. For example, you can create a “zap” that adds a Google calendar event to your work or Google calendar when a customer schedules an appointment on your website.

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There is no limit to the integrations between Zapier and other supported apps, making it an invaluable tool for running a business.

Many of the 5,000 and counting apps that Zapier supports have triggers and actions built-in, requiring zero time and energy on your part. For instance, some triggers will add an email subscriber to an audience, unsubscribe an email from a database, or can even send a campaign without you having to do anything but connect Zapier. Since there’s no end to the zaps you can create, users can use built-in sequences and combine them with custom zaps to meet all of their needs.

Zapier is affordable too! Many users start with a free plan and adjust their tier over time. The free plan covers 100 tasks a month, and the next tier level, the Company level, includes 100,000 tasks for a reasonable fee per month, billed annually.

How To Use Click to Buy With Zapier

Click to Buy is an innovative software that replaces request-a-quote forms and lengthy field sales appointments. Customers gain access to a customizable shopping cart, and business owners automate their sales process, bringing in new leads 24/7. Click to Buy makes it easy for customers to purchase your pest control services anytime. Additionally, Zapier connects to Click to Buy, making it easy to connect your customer data to software products like Quickbooks, CRM tools, and other pest control software.

Zapier Connects Click to Buy With Apps That Pest Control Companies Trust

Since Zapier connects with almost every app that a pest control company would use, it is a key tool business owners use to integrate all of their favorite apps. Here are a few ways to connect Click to Buy with the apps that pest control companies trust.

click to buy and gorilladesk

Click to Buy and GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk helps join scheduling with invoicing. GorillaDesk simplifies scheduling and job dispatching and offers tools to streamline your billing process. You can choose an invoice template from their library, customize it with your company branding, batch invoices, or send mobile invoices from the GorillaDesk app while you’re on the go. Additionally, you can create a job, choose a customer, and assign a service tech with just a few clicks. It even lets you GPS track your technicians while they are en route.

Using Zapier, you can connect Click to Buy and GorillaDesk, giving you even more unified capabilities. Then, you can bring your sales process online, allowing customers to sign up for service on the fly. Once an order comes in from Click to Buy, you can create a trigger to add a new customer lead in GorillaDesk. Or, Zapier can add a new event inside GorillaDesk with the status “pending booking” on the schedule.

Click to Buy and FieldWork

Geared specifically towards the pest control industry, FieldWork is an all-in-one mobile software system with CRM, scheduling, reviews, and more. FieldWork offers options to drag and drop jobs between technicians easily on a mobile device. It keeps track of all of your important customer data, request online reviews right after your team has completed a job, and keeps track of chemical use, all in one platform.

As the first pest control software to link with Zapier, FieldWork’s pro version offers all of FieldWork’s other features, plus contracts, agreements, and technician tracking. This means you can quickly connect your FieldWork Pro with Click to Buy. Then, business owners can create a trigger that will automatically add a new customer to FieldWork when they receive an order through Click to Buy.

Click to Buy and QuickBooks

Click to Buy and QuickBooks

The beauty of QuickBooks is that it has an accounting tool for everything. Business owners take a quick quiz or speak with a sales representative to create the best plan for their needs. QuickBooks features include everything you need to run your business, from bookkeeping and inventory tracking to employee timesheets, and direct deposits.

Users can easily connect Click to Buy and QuickBooks and enjoy many benefits. For example, when you receive a new order of service through Click to Buy’s easy-to-use platform, QuickBooks can create a new bill, a new credit memo, or add a new invoice with line item support.

QuickBooks and other billing software make it easy for business owners to get paid upfront. With a new generation of more technically sophisticated homeowners, pest control businesses need to stay up-to-date to attract these customers. Around-the-clock payment options streamline the quote process, giving techs more time to focus on providing professional pest control services.

Other Apps That Connect With Click to Buy Through Zapier

With the abundance of choices of software that seamlessly join with Zapier, you can gain functionality you never knew was possible, even in your day-to-day software. In addition to pest control software, users can use Zapier to connect Click to Buy with apps like Slack, Podium, Google Sheets, Calendly, Active Campaign, and more!

Click to Buy and Podium

For example, when you get a new order in through Click to Buy, Podium can text the homeowner to confirm their service or start a string of text messages.

Click to Buy and Slack

Or, you can create a zap to add a reminder for yourself or an employee in Slack, when a customer buys a service in Click to Buy.

The possibilities are endless for simplifying your life as a pest control business owner and making growing your business your first priority. Learn more about selling pest control services online and how Click to Buy can help!

Why Click to Buy?

Click to Buy solves the problems customers looking to buy pest control services often face, like trying to use and understand outdated request-a-quote forms or calling around only to wait days for an estimate.

Instead, use Click to Buy to offer your customers free estimates online. Click to Buy makes your customers’ lives easier and helps pest control businesses get paid quicker.

Learn how to get started with Click to Buy.