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"Free & Three" Promotion

Evolving to online sales doesn’t have to be scary.

Click to Buy Services is the world’s first shopping cart for home services. It (finally) allows homeowners to easily add one-time paid services, recurring service programs, and free estimate requests into an elegant check-out experience.

  • Homeowners estimate & order online quickly.
  • You accept orders 24/7/365 orders and get paid first.
  • Everyone wins!
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What’s included in the “Free & Three” promotion?

With Click to Buy’s limited Free & Three promotion, you can remove the risk entirely. It includes:

  • Free Click to Buy demo & business consultation
  • Free setup & cart configuration for one city – ($2500+ value)
  • Free 3-month subscription – ($450+ value)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No long-term contract
  • No pushy salesperson
  • Cancel anytime

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