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ABC Home & Commercial Services

ABC Home and Commercial Services is one of the nation’s largest family-owned services companies. Founded in 1949, ABC has grown from a one-man pest control company to provide almost a dozen service lines across 3 states and 12 locations.

Three brothers stand outside in front of a building named ABC Home & Commercial Services

Branches Selling Services


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ARR Generated in the First 6 Months


Accept Orders & Payments 24/7/365

Let’s be honest – your customers are busy and don’t have time to wait until your doors open or your phones are manned. When they find a scorpion or a cockroach, they want to know that it is going to be handled.

When doors are closed, your phones are unmanned, and your chat is offline, you will lose sales. Click to Buy unshackles your business from the normal operating hours, automates the estimating & collections process, and empowers your customers to take charge and get on with their busy schedules (or go back to bed).

The convenience of online shopping for pest control services is driving growth…


Get Paid Before You Provide Pest & Rodent Services

Providing pest and rodent control services historically involves an upfront estimate, providing the service, and then trusting that your customer will pay you in a timely fashion. Relying on the honor system can hurt your cash flow and overcomplicate collections. Flip the script and reduce your accounts receivable by having clients pay first before you kill their bugs.

The trend towards online shopping for pest control services is gaining momentum, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for homeowners.


Increase Profits with Add-On Services

Click To Buy increases your average sale amount by promoting complementary pest & rodent control services at just the right time. As an example, a customer purchasing general pest control could easily add a one-time or ongoing flea & tick program to their cart or, if you also provide lawn services, add ongoing mowing & trimming to their cart.

Any service that compliments your pest and rodent services can now be promoted online and allow your customers to buy the services they want, add others they didn’t know they needed, and pay for them all at once or across longer periods of time.

Incentivize with Promos, Coupons, & Service Bundles

Like traditional shopping carts, Click to Buy allows you to offer promotions and coupon codes and incentivizes prospects to buy your pest control services and programs. Additionally, you can automatically apply discounts when users buy a specific service or combination of services to provide bulk discounts and streamline the checkout process.

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